The murky world of financial forecasting and planning

You can throw a pitch deck together with with some structured thought and a pretty PowerPoint template, but fiddling with Excel is a whole new ball game!

Unless you have spent years working as an analyst in an Investment Bank, the liklyhood you have the capability to structure and project right is very low.

Furthermore, the larger your fundraise the more complicated everything gets. Beyond, hours in excel, you need to understand complex terms like ‘participating liquidation preferences‘ and how they will impact you.


  • Financial model

    You need a full-blown tabulated model detailing all your assumptions

  • Detailed metrics

    Your traction is based on your metrics. You need a clear dashboard with all the right numbers for your business model

  • Cap table

    The ominous cap table is a bane for many founders. Depending on your deal structure it can get very hairy indeed

A cap table that's better than your lawyer has


The only ESOP model in the world


The best fundraise model templates you can find


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