Build a deck that gets read and a call back

VCs read a lot of decks- maybe a 1,000 to 3,000 depending on how famous they are. Why should they read yours?

The first common error founders make is cold emailing VCs. The second is sending a deck that is simply illogical and horrible to look at, let alone understand. Why do you deserve to be given a response?

50Folds can help you build a deck that will not only get read, but a meeting.

We can also help you make teaser decks to start with, and a business model deck that is key to advancing discussions, with a clear understanding of how you will make money. In 2017, that’s actually required.

  • Clear structure

    There are 10 things VCs need to know to get interested in you. We ensure you cover them with just the right level of detail (it’s less than you think)

  • Engaging narrative

    The story matters a great deal. We care about the flow and that each slide leads to a single, positive conclusion (invest in us)

  • Professional and appealing

    The secret is- you don’t need a graphic designer. You do need well formatted slides. Investors suffer information asyetry, so your deck is a chance to show your mettle. We build simple but clear slides; the ones we want to receive as investors